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The 5 Pillars of Queen Mindset Leadership: A Word for Mujeres of Color

authenticity chakras change connection creativity divinity personal growth queen mindset leadership self-love women empowerment Jun 18, 2024

In my journey as an embodied happiness coach, I've discovered the profound connection between embracing one's divinity and cultivating Queen Mindset Leadership (QML).

Why Queen Mindset Leadership?

Queen Mindset Leadership is an empowering concept that allows you to unleash your full potential by realizing your unlimited nature, connect with your authentic self, and live a life of purpose and joy. Created with mujeres of color in mind, it reflects the author's own journey in finding and living in her purpose while embracing every single part of her life, identities, and life experiences.


The Queen Within You:

Divinity, on the other hand, signifies the inherent worth and power that resides within every individual. It's that indescribable spark that makes us who we are—our talents, values, and unique gifts that we bring to the world. It is something that I have come to include as I explored spirituality through creativity, in the form of exploring The Artist's Way in community. As we explore the intersection of these two powerful concepts, it becomes clear that recognizing and honoring our divinity is a vital step toward embracing Queen Mindset Leadership.

Five Pillars of Queen Mindset Leadership

Through Queen Mindset Leadership, we focus on five essential pillars: Connection, Chakras, Change, Creativity, and Community. Each pillar helps mujeres explore their inner selves and embrace their divine power. Embracing both the masculine and feminine energies is central to QML, and is a core reason why the chakras are used as a guiding system for this inner exploration. This empowering approach to leadership goes beyond conventional ideas of success, as it encourages self-love, personal growth, and forging deep connections with others.

By exploring these pillars, mujeres can embrace their inherent strengths and become effective leaders who uplift and inspire others by virtue of who they know themselves to be.

Here's a brief look at how each pillar connects with the concept of divinity:

1. Connection: Developing a strong connection with your authentic self opens doors to embracing your divine power and cultivating unconditional self-love. Just like investing in any other relationship, this pillar requires you centering yourself in your life. This is something that often gets lost in our other responsibilities as wives, mothers, partners, and family peace makers, but it is necessary for you to focus on yourself in order to thrive. 

2. Chakras: By understanding and balancing your chakras, you align your mind, body, heart, and spirit, fostering a greater sense of harmony and well-being that emanates from your divine essence. The chakras is an ancient, robust philosophy originating from India that is thorough in how it allows you to connect to yourself. By understanding the chakras, you learn to navigate yourself through any situation you encounter. Its holistic nature means you can be in alignment and integrated, yin and yang.

3. Change: Embracing change with grace and resilience allows your divinity to shine through as you embrace your nature and grow and evolve on your personal and professional journey. The separation between ourselves and nature cuts us off from the reality that we ARE nature. As such, we go through seasons of shedding, stillness, blooming, and thriving. We need all 4 seasons just like nature does.

4. Creativity: Expressing your creativity helps you tap into your unique gifts and talents, enabling you to share your divine light with the world through your passions. You are creative even if you don't work in a creative field by virtue of being ALIVE. Every thing you do - from your words, your actions, your clothes, your food - is an expression of what YOU desire. Get present to what you're putting into yourself and the world.

5. Community: Building a supportive and empowering community allows mujeres to celebrate their divine selves and encourages collective growth and transformation. We were not created to succeed alone, and building intentional values-aligned community is key to your success AND happiness.

I created Queen Mindset Leadership with the goal to heal myself. I didn't intend on creating a movement, but here I am, inspiring mujeres to acknowledge their divine energy within themselves and others, creating a ripple effect of love, acceptance, and empowerment in our lives, communities, and ultimately, the world. As we uplift ourselves and those around us, we create a world that nurtures and supports the growth and well-being of all mujeres and all beings.

Which of these pillars most resonates with you? Which is the easiest for you to master?

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