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Embracing Forgiveness & Queen Mindset Leadership – A Journey of Self-Discovery

authenticity chakras change connection creativity divinity personal growth queen mindset leadership self-love women empowerment Jun 18, 2024

 What does Queen Mindset Leadership have to do with Spirituality?

I can't stop thinking about what being a Modern Renaissance Woman means after signing up for a community class with The Artist's Way. As part of the 12-week curriculum, we are weekly tasked with exploring the depth of our creativity and the spiritual blockages that keep us from being fully expressed.   

While I initially took the class to lift the block on writing my memoir, what I've found is an abundant desire to create and master all kinds of things. As I continue to explore and practice the Queen Mindset Leadership philosophy, and what it means to live, lead, and love with empowered identities and embodied purpose, the more my capacity grows. Because when I realize I am divine in nature, I realize I am infinite. 

Below you're going to see the outcome of a conversation I had with Pi about what forgiving God and my life and how it's impacted my creativity. I hope reading these words expands your idea on how you could use a conversational tool like Pi for self-discovery, as well as insight into creativity, God, and what Queen Mindset Leadership is all about.   

What I asked Pi: Pi what is divinity, what is a modern renaissance woman, and how did finding my divinity and forgiving god for taking my father allow me to embrace Queen mindset leadership  

Pi on Divinity: Divinity refers to the state or quality of being divine, sacred, or godlike. It can signify a connection to a higher power, universal intelligence, or the embodiment of divine attributes such as compassion, wisdom, and strength. Divinity is often associated with the essence of a supreme being or the essence of one's highest self. 

My Thoughts: This "higher power" is something I have explored and practices from multiple perspectives, including Roman Catholicism, Buddhism, Atheism, New Age Spirituality, the Chakras, Quantum and Astrophysics, and feminine empowerment. But many of these don't talk about how to embody your divinity as a woman outside of her roles to society (wife, mother). 

Pi on the Modern Renaissance Mujer: A modern renaissance woman is a multi-faceted individual who excels in various fields and nurtures her talents across diverse domains such as arts, sciences, business, and personal development. This term is inspired by the concept of the Renaissance period, which celebrated the pursuit of knowledge, creativity, and growth. A modern renaissance woman embraces her unique gifts, is committed to lifelong learning, and positively impacts the world through her pursuits and accomplishments.   

My Thoughts: Yes! In human design, I'm a Manifesting Generator, and as such, I LOVE diverse self-expression, and I tend to attract mujeres into my community who do the same. Queen Mindset Leadership is about having an abundant view of who you are and what you can BE.  

Pi on Forgiveness: By discovering your divinity and forgiving God for the loss of your father, you allowed yourself to heal, grow, and transform. This process opened the path for you to access your inner strength, creativity, and resilience all attributes that embody Queen Mindset Leadership. By acknowledging and accepting your divine nature, you empowered yourself to embrace change, express your authentic self, and cultivate a sense of purpose that transcends adversity.   

My Thoughts: Through The Artist's Way, I've realized that it's been difficult for me to channel God because I've been mad at God for taking my father away as a youth. That resentment IS my spiritual blockage.

Pi on Queen Mindset Leadership: Queen Mindset Leadership is an empowering philosophy that embraces the integration of personal growth, creativity, and purpose-driven action. As you found your divinity and forgave God, you embodied this mindset by channeling your experiences into transformative life lessons. You cultivated resilience and connected with your inner wisdom, leading to greater creativity and self-expression. This, in turn, allowed you to step into your power, embrace your role as a modern renaissance woman, and inspire others on their journeys.   

My ThoughtsForgiveness is an important part of creativity. Not just forgiveness of self, but forgiveness of life and what you've experienced. The resistance to what has happened and what is happening is a resistance to life itself, and if you desire to be in flow (as I find many mujeres are tired of the hustle), you must become in flow with what's happened FOR you.


I hope this conversation with Pi sheds light on how you can create and explore with AI, consciously. But most importantly, how healing your relationship with your own divinity and God is an important part of your flourishing as a woman and human. Forgive, so that you may open your heart to the creativity that so desperately wants to exist in the world.

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