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Creating the Space to Lead Like a Queen: Embracing Presence in a Busy World

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Space and Queen Mindset Leadership

If you know me, you know I'm an astrophysics nerd. It's an interest that was born when I started college. One of my first classes in the fall semester of my freshman year was Astronomy. Learning about the Big Bang... was literally mind-blowing.

Growing up under the influence from the Roman Catholicism of my island of Dominican Republic, I had never stopped to question (or study) where our world really came from.

From the time I learned about the origin of the cosmos in the Big Bang, I had started my crisis away from Catholicism and towards a deeper understanding of space and our place in it.

That was the only class I took, however, and it's an interest I didn't pick up again until 2021. In the expanse of the seemingly never-ending pandemic, I started studying space. I read nearly a dozen books about space, astrophysics, and quantum physics with the desire to understand time and space.

It's from this expanded view of our human selves in the cosmos that Queen Mindset Leadership was born.



Here's What I've Learned:

In the vast expanse of our universe, space is not only the most prolific element but also a vital aspect that allows matter to exist and evolve. 

Similarly, creating space in our lives and leadership approach is essential for nurturing our qualities and capacities, ultimately leading to excellence in all aspects of our lives. This notion correlates deeply with Queen Mindset Leadership (QML), a philosophy on embodied leading created with mujeres of color in mind, and which promotes self-discovery, growth, and empowerment.

Drawing inspiration from the wisdom of space, we can individually and collectively foster environments that cultivates the essential qualities of a leader: open-mindedness, great listener, teacher, patient, compassionate, collaborative, and clear in their vision (see Janice Maturano's book, Finding the Space to Lead, for more).

If you look at the words themselves, what is required to cultivate each is... you guessed it, space.


The 5 Pillars of Queen Mindset Leadership

To achieve this, Queen Mindset Leadership highlights five underlying fundamentals that in the author's personal experiences and expertise with multi-faceted leaders, creates expansive impact. 

Let's explore each of these elements and consider actionable recommendations to cultivate them in our daily lives and how they show up for us:

5. Community: Community or lack thereof is usually where we see the signs of disconnection. When created in alignment, community provides a sense of belonging and connection with like-minded individuals, amplifying our collective impact. Community goes beyond our immediate circles and family, and relates to the actual members of the community we connect and exchange with. Creating long-term success requires a robust community that can provide emotional and developmental support along the way.

  • Recommendations
    • Audit your current community and pay attention to who lights you up, who drains you, and who you're missing as a support in your community. 
    • Audit your development areas and seek mentorship or become a mentor to foster meaningful connections and exchange knowledge.

4. Creativity: Creativity is the second sign of disconnection. At its core, creativity empowers us to express ourselves authentically while fostering innovation in our lives and communities. By nurturing our creativity, we discover unique solutions to challenges and contribute positively to our worlds. But we also learn to explore and embed our passions, seeing ourselves as inherently creative beings who are meant to express and share our view of the world. When we're creatively blocked, we cannot express.

  • Recommendations:
    • Create time for creative activities that resonate with your passions, such as painting, writing, or music.
    • Challenge yourself to explore new creative outlets to foster innovation and personal growth.

3. Change: Change encourages us to create new mindset and behavior pathways, promoting growth mindset and healthy habits. By embracing change, we can adapt to life's challenges, expand our perspectives, and ultimately sustain personal transformation. Change is a constant variable, and by consciously creating change in our lives, we allow ourselves to prune what doesn't serve us and make space for what does. Your fulfillment requires a transformation of how you view your potential.

  • Recommendations:
    • Reflect on your habits and identify areas where positive change can enhance your well-being.
    • Engage in self-improvement activities, such as reading, attending workshops, or seeking coaching.

2. Connection: Connection allows us to be present and embodied in our identities, embracing our uniqueness and stories. Cultivating a strong connection with ourselves helps foster deeper relationships and lead a more fulfilling life. This is like the trunk of a tree that allows the branches, leaves, and fruits to coexist. When we are disconnected from ourselves and our thoughts (mind), our heart (feelings), our spirit (God), or our bodies, we're not in attunement. We may be in environment that no longer fit us but not listening to it.

  • Recommendations:
    • Engage in regular self-reflection to deepen your understanding of your unique identity and embrace your authenticity.
    • Seek opportunities to connect with individuals who share and celebrate your unique experiences and stories.

1: Chakras: Which takes us to our last pillar of Queen Mindset Leadership, the chakras. In all my studies, the chakras have been the most thorough system of self-exploration that creates space for all aspects of self-connection AND allows the individual to root themselves to who they are. The word ‘chakra” comes from an ancient Indian Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheel. They are internal energy sources that help us stay connected with everything that we are, irrespective of the systemic biases you face in your life.

  • Recommendations:
    • Cultivate self-awareness by reflecting on how each chakra relates to your life experiences and personal growth.
    • Seek guidance from a spiritual teacher or energy healer to deepen your understanding of the chakras.



Incorporating these recommendations into your daily life will create space for presence and empowerment, enabling you to embrace Queen Mindset Leadership fully.

As you embark on this journey of growth and transformation, remember that connection and change are at the heart of effective leadership, and nurturing your divinity is the foundation for success.

By creating space to lead like a Queen, you will uplift and inspire others to reach their fullest potential, contributing to a more compassionate and empowered world.

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